What is ARIVE?

ARIVE is the industry’s first integrated Loan Origination System (LOS), Point of Sale (POS), and Products and Pricing Engine (PPE) with a connected Lender Marketplace, built specifically for independent mortgage Brokers and non-Del correspondents. ARIVE features real-time products & pricing search as well as digital integration capabilities for loan transactions with our integrated Lender partners, and also provides the ability for Brokers to work with any Lender. As a Broker-focused platform with a vibrant community, we listen closely to user feedback and actively work to innovate / add new features to ARIVE on a regular basis.

Who owns ARIVE?

ARIVE is a 100% owned subsidiary of Wizni, Inc. (“LendWize”), an independent, privately-owned software development company based in San Ramon, California. Although we work closely with our integrated Lender partners, none of our Lender partners has any ownership interest or management control in ARIVE. We also work closely with AIME and other organizations to best serve the Broker community. None of these organizations has any ownership interest or management control in ARIVE.

What is LendWize and who owns it?

Wizni, Inc. (“LendWize”) is an independent privately held, software development company, dedicated to serving the needs of the independent mortgage Broker community. LendWize took over management of the ARIVE platform in 2020 and acquired ARIVE later that year as a 100% owned subsidiary. LendWize invested heavily to streamline and relaunch the ARIVE platform from the ground up in Q3 2020 based on several years of R&D investments in its proprietary technology. LendWize is majority owned by its founder Harish Tejwani along with key employees and strategic advisors. None of our integrated Lender partners or AIME have any ownership interest or management control in LendWize.

Do you share my personal data with all integrated Lenders on the Platform?

No. Once you choose to work with a specific Lender and submit an application, the data required for the application is transmitted to the Lender you are working with. Your selected Lender will of course have access to the application and related personal data in order to review the application and initiate the underwriting process. However, we do not share that personal data with other integrated Lenders on the platform. In addition, we do not share Brokers’ overall loan pipelines with integrated Lenders.

Do you sell my personal data to 3rd party advertisers?

No. We respect the privacy of our Brokers’ and Borrowers’ personal data. Personal data is shared with certain third parties to the limited extent needed to process the loan application, for example, to pull credit reports from Credit Reporting Agencies or to generate disclosure documents with industry-leading document providers or with Agencies to run AUS. We do not share or sell your personal data to any 3rd party advertisers. We also restrict disclosure of private Client information to internal employees only that need to have access to such information for operational support.

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