Welcome to the ARIVE FAQ section. As we navigate the complexities of the mortgage industry together, we prioritize not only breakthrough innovation but also your trust and confidence in our platform.

What is ARIVE?

ARIVE stands as the industry’s first integrated Loan Origination System (LOS), Consumer Point of Sale (POS), and Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), complete with a connected Lender Marketplace, specifically designed for independent loan originators. Offered at a competitive low monthly subscription fee with high touch support, ARIVE also provides a free trial with no setup or onboarding fees, allowing brokers to explore its comprehensive features without any initial investment. Brokers on ARIVE can work with any lender of their choice, and the platform has experienced exponential growth in adoption since its late 2020 re-launch.

How did the current version of ARIVE come about?

Wizni, Inc. (‘Wizni’) has been serving the financial services industry since 2017 with our innovative software for products, pricing and loan originations. In late 2020, Wizni acquired ARIVE, becoming its sole owner. This move was inspired by ARIVE’s untapped potential to serve independent loan originators, despite the initial setbacks and hiccups it faced prior to our acquisition. The original platform was replaced with a new version, leveraging several years of research and development into our proprietary technology, and relaunched in late-2020 as a comprehensive all-in-one solution for the broker community.

Who owns Wizni?

Wizni is an independent privately held software development company, majority owned by its founder Harish Tejwani (the “Main Owner”) along with key employees and strategic advisors. The business is completely independent with no outside investment, and the Main Owner has 100% control of the board and sole decision-making authority without any outside influence or control.

Does any Lender, Broker, or Trade Association have any ownership in Wizni?

No. None of our integrated lender partners, broker customers, vendors, trade associations, or any of their management team members have any direct or indirect ownership interest or management control in Wizni or ARIVE. Specifically, UWM, AIME, UMortgage or Anthony Casa do not have any ownership interest in Wizni or ARIVE.

Do you share Broker’s client data with all integrated lenders on the Platform?

No. We do not share Brokers’ client pipeline data with integrated lenders. Of course, once you choose to work with a specific lender and submit an application, the client data required for the application is transmitted to the lender you are working with for further processing of the application.

Do other Brokers have access or visibility to my client pipeline?

No. No other Broker has access to your client pipeline. The system restricts access to client information to only those within your company that have been authorized to access the loan file.

Do you sell my client data to 3rd party advertisers?

No. We respect the privacy of our broker client’s personal data. Client personal data is shared with certain third parties to the limited extent needed to process the loan application, for example, to pull credit reports from Credit Reporting Agencies or to generate disclosure documents with industry-leading document providers or with Agencies to run AUS. We do not share or sell your client’s personal data to any 3rd party advertisers. We also restrict disclosure of private client information to internal employees only that need to have access to such information for providing operational support.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this FAQ. We hope it has provided clarity and reassurance about how we handle your data and our company's ownership structure. At ARIVE, we are deeply committed to transparency, security of our clients’ information, and the success of our brokers and clients. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at


Harish Tejwani
Harish Tejwani
Chief Executive Officer

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