January 9, 2021

LendWize Acquires ARIVE

LendWize Acquires ARIVE – Platform Positioned for Next Stage of Growth.

CONTACT: Eric Anderson, COO, ARIVE, LLC.
EMAIL: info@wizni.com

LendWize Acquires ARIVE – Platform Positioned for Next Stage of Growth
Consolidation of platform technology brings improvements to deliver world class digital mortgage broker experience

San Ramon, CA, Jan 6 — Wizni, Inc. (“LendWize”) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of ARIVE, LLC and successfully transitioned to a fully integrated solution, consolidated under the LendWize technology stack.

Provider of best-in-class loan origination tools since 2017, LendWize took over management of the ARIVE platform in early 2020 and in June launched the fully-transformed ARIVE.Next platform, featuring numerous innovations, more streamlined technology, electronic lender integrations, and an improved mortgage broker experience across the board. Since then, the company has been rolling out continuous improvements and additional features, setting the stage for the next level of growth for the integrated marketplace and the mortgage broker community in 2021 and beyond.

“We’re very pleased with the significant broker adoption and expansion we’ve seen in such a short amount of time,” noted Harish Tejwani, LendWize Founder & CEO. “Built from the ground up, our integrated LOS, PPE and POS platform, coupled with integrated wholesale lenders with native digital connectivity for exchanging pricing and loan transaction data creates a new industry standard for digital origination platforms in the Wholesale channel. Not only do we provide brokers with a modern seamless end-to-end origination experience across lenders, but more importantly help brokers shop the best deal for consumers from the integrated lenders in the ARIVE marketplace,” he explained.

“It’s exciting to see ARIVE.Next come out and be made available to brokers,” said Mat Ishbia, United Wholesale Mortgage President & CEO. “It’s another sign that the technology investment put into the broker channel is here to stay. Creating a level playing field for brokers will continue to give them the advantage in the marketplace and ARIVE.Next is another signal to the markets that the growth in the mortgage space will be in the broker channel.”

Phil Shoemaker, President of Originations at Homepoint, added, “We’ve been very impressed with the many recent improvements to the ARIVE.Next platform and the great energy and enthusiasm brought by the LendWize leadership team.”

Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG, observed, “the ARIVE platform has game changing potential to empower Originators in an industry where most of the tech architecture is very dated. Scalability, agility and a personal touch by the LendWize Team makes for a promising future.”

Other ARIVE partner lenders have also been supportive of the new direction. David Schroeder, EVP, Third Party Originations at Caliber Home Loans, Laura Brandao, President of American Financial Resources, John Gibson, SVP, TPO Lending at Flagstar, and Eddy Perez, President and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, all expressed excitement about the acquisition by LendWize and the recent improvements in the platform.

“LendWize is committed to supporting the broker community through additional investment in technology and resources,” emphasized LendWize COO Eric Anderson. “By expanding the Wholesale lender network and providing more customer relationship, referral, and workflow tools for brokers, ARIVE.Next is set to dominate this growing channel in 2021 and beyond.”

ARIVE was established in late 2018 to revolutionize the independent mortgage broker community and provide a full-stack platform and wholesale marketplace for loan origination. ARIVE is supported by multiple top-tier lenders and industry leaders and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LendWize.

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