October 3, 2023

Sierra Pacific Wholesale Has ARIVE'd

ARIVE teams up with Sierra Pacific Wholesale as an integrated lending partner, further enhancing ARIVE's pioneering Lender Marketplace.

San Ramon, CA and Folsom, CA, Tuesday Oct 3, 2023ARIVE and Sierra Pacific Wholesale jointly announced that Sierra Pacific Wholesale has officially ARIVE’d. Starting this week, independent mortgage brokers and non-delegated correspondent lenders on ARIVE can access Sierra’s pricing and loan programs as an integrated lender on ARIVE's industry-first Lender Marketplace.

This strategic partnership emerges at a pivotal time, as the Wholesale Channel continues to experience unparalleled growth. The collaboration aims to further empower third-party originators with a wider range of product offerings, competitive pricing, and enhanced digital origination capabilities through ARIVE’s revolutionary all-in-one wholesale origination platform. This partnership facilitates a much more streamlined experience for originators, their referral partners, and clients.

“Here at Sierra Pacific Wholesale, we possess an unwavering commitment to developing and deploying the latest technology to drive a full-service experience. Integrating with ARIVE was a straightforward decision as it truly is the best solution for third-party originators looking to save time and money to maximize their success,” says Rob Saunders, SVP – Western TPO Sales.

“This is a great opportunity for Sierra Pacific Wholesale to grow with the ARIVE platform in the East, and we look forward to working with the broker community to help you scale your business and reach your peak performance,” shared Cindy Ferrentino, SVP - Eastern TPO Sales.

Commenting on this milestone collaboration, Harish Tejwani, CEO of ARIVE, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This is a game-changing partnership. For more than 30 years, Sierra Pacific Wholesale has been known for their passion, determination, hands-on problem-solving approach, and an innate desire to provide third-party originators with unparalleled service throughout the mortgage process. Sierra Pacific Wholesale shares our values in understanding that a human approach strengthens relationships, aligns goals, and is key to success. This integration represents a significant step forward in our joint commitment to supporting the broker community in delivering the best possible financing options to their clients.”

The ARIVE team has built a tight-knit community full of individuals willing to jump in and support one another. The consolidated system not only allows for real-time product and pricing searches but also creates opportunities for originators to navigate scenarios, share best practices, digitally originate loans that integrate loan data and information with wholesale lenders, and ultimately impact the number of consumers they can help get into a new home. It feels good to know we are a part of something special like this, and there is no one more uniquely equipped to excel in this market like the adaptable individuals that make up the broker community.

Third-party originators interested in learning more about Sierra Pacific’s full-service experience and seamless proprietary origination system can connect with an Account Executive here.


About Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. is a nationally recognized independent mortgage company that has been offering lending services since 1986. Sierra Pacific serves the Wholesale, Correspondent, and Retail mortgage banking markets in 48 states through three regional fulfillment centers. Sierra Pacific supports our third-party originators by providing innovative technology, a wide array of lending products and programs, and a highly tenured team dedicated to getting your loans to the finish line on time, every time. Whether you choose to partner with us through our wholesale lending or venture down our non-delegated correspondent path, you have the freedom to customize your business model and workflow as you see fit. To learn more, visit www.spmc.com or contact our team at tposales@spmc.com.


Arive, LLC (ARIVE) provides the industry’s first full-stack loan origination platform and wholesale marketplace for mortgage brokers and non-delegated correspondent lenders. ARIVE is supported by multiple top-tier lenders and industry leaders and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wizni, Inc., an independent provider of creative origination solutions to top-tier lenders and financial institutions. To learn more, visit www.arive.com or contact our team at info@arive.com.

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